Our rating scale goes from 1 (WTF!) to 10 (Perfect). The rating scale was put in place to give readers a “quick idea” of what we feel the product deserves when compared to other products in its same category. All of our reviews and articles are short, sweet, and to the point. We want readers to get a good feeling of the product we are reviewing, without having to read through 10 pages of text. We encourage you to read the full reviews as this may give you a more accurate depiction as to why a certain product received the rating it did. Here’s a breakdown of the scores a certain product can receive:

1.0-1.9 (WTF!) …

2.0-2.9 (Terrible) STAY AWAY FROM THIS!

3.0-3.9 (Poor) This score is reserved for those products that we feel should never have been put out.

4.0-4.9 (Fair) Products that fall in this rating are not necessarily bad but they are not necessarily good either. Some people may enjoy the qualities that this product has to offer, but most people will usually not like it

5.0-5.9 (Average) Products that fall into this category are so-so. They may be too repetitive, or just lack overall inspiration. You’ll either like it, or you wont. Simple as that.

6.0-6.9 (Okay) This rating is for those products that we feel some people will enjoy. While the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, its safe to say that this product is not without its faults.

7.0-7.9 (Good) A product within this range is good overall, and likely worth a try by fans of the particular brand, genre, or series.

8.0-8.9 (Great) These are products that we feel most people will enjoy. They usually leave a good taste in your mouth and we are confident that people will come back for more.

9.0-9.9 (Excellent) These products may receive our PlayStation Insider Editors’ Choice Award. Products in this range are superb in almost every way, the few negatives it may have should not have any impact on your overall enjoyment.

10.0 (Amazing) This product receives the PlayStation Insider Editors’ Choice Award. This product is not perfect, but it is stellar in every way. EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THIS OUT!

All of our reviews are always unbiased opinions and nothing more. We don’t get paid to review products, nor do we get paid to give certain scores to products.