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Modern Warfare Remaster December Update

Yesterday Modern Warfare Remaster got a decent sized update, 27GB to be exact. So here's what that 27gigs included : the update gives us the rest of the original maps from the game, as well as an all new winter themed...


Perfect Releasing Tomorrow For PSVR

Have you ever wanted to be on a getaway beach vacation, but couldn't afford it because of all those video games you bought? Yes, you have. Thanks to developer nDreams, that all changes tomorrow with the release of Perfect. With the power...


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer

We're getting closer and closer to Kingdom Hearts 2.8, today we got a spiffy new trailer showing some neat new gameplay. In the beginning of the trailer we see the classic menu screen and some character customization featuring Aqua. The...


PaRappa the Rapper is getting an HD remaster

PaRappa the Rapper is getting an HD makeover for it's 20th birthday, we found out today at PSX. The demo for the remaster will be available later today on the PS store. The trailer also revealed that we'll be seeing...


Star Wars Battlefront : 1 Year Anniversary

EA announced yesterday that the fourth and final DLC, Rogue One: Scarif,  will release on December 6th, the games one year anniversary. The DLC is inspired by the new film Rouge One : A Star Wars Story, in theaters December 16th....


October’s Free PS Plus Games Revealed

Sony's getting us in the Halloween mood with Octobers free PS+ games, first up for PS4 is Resident Evil. Killing zombies in this remastered throwback will surely get you feeling ready for Halloween. It'll also gear you up for Resident Evil...


Here They Lie Coming To PS VR October 13th

Just in time for your spooky Halloween themed fun, Here They Lie will release October 13th on the PSVR. The horror game, by Tangentlemen, was first announced at E3 earlier this year and looks like it's truly living up to...


No Mod Support For Skyrim Or Fallout 4

Bethesda announced today that after months of talking with Sony, they will not allow mod support on PS4. Mods have been extremely successful on both PC and Xbox one, keeping Skyrim alive for about five years now. The news is...


Battlefield 1 Impressions

Battlefield 1 is the newest installment in Dice's Battlefield series. The game takes place during the events of WWI which, for me, was all the hype I needed. I've been waiting for a WWI FPS and I was eager to try this...


US PSN Innovators Sale Up To 60%-70% Off

The Innovators sale is running now though September 6th in the Playstation store. There's 154 games on sale and up to 70% off for PS+ members. Here are some of my top picks for these deals: The Witness-$27.99 The Banner...


Infinite Warfare Will Get A MW2 Map

Yesterday at the Infinite Warfare panel at SDCC, Activison announced that they will be re-imagining the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal for Infinite Warfare. The re-imagined map will take inspiration from the original and take place in one of Infinite...


AIPD Review (PS4)

AIPD is a colorful dual stick shooter game that has simple gameplay. Left stick to move, Right stick to aim, R2 to shoot, L2 for a super weapon, and R3 to consume a pickup. The game has a classic arcade...

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