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Major PC & PS gamer. Love every & all games, but my heart belongs to JRPGs.

Yakuza 0 Review (PS4)

Well, it has finally happened. After almost a year of waiting, SEGA has decided to grace us with a Western release of yet another Yakuza title. The best part? Yakuza 0 may be one of the best in the series...


King of Fighters XIV Review (PS4)

SNK has truly outdone themselves as King of Fighters XIV has taken itself to a whole new level for the next generation consoles. From the increased frame rate, astoundingly diverse roster, and extensive upgrade over the engine that powered King of Fighters...


Nyko Data Bank Review (PS4)

If you're suffering from a lack of games on your console due to the storage limitations, worry no more, The Nyko Data Bank is here to fix your storage woes. The Nyko Data Bank is a accessory that replaces your...


I Am Setsuna Review (PS4)

For the past few years it has been said that the era of classic RPGs has slowly been coming to an end. Despite these claims, Tokyo RPG Factory shows that with its old-school turn based battle system and typical RPG adventure tropes,...


Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Review (PS4)

Compile Heart’s Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is a remake of the well received PS3 Fairy Fencer F with an added storyline which you choose, improved graphics, increased active party size, and tougher enemies all around. On the surface,...


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Review (PS4)

Historical simulators have had it’s place in PC/console gaming libraries for a long time. Dating back to the mid-80’s for PC/consoles, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a game based on the series of classic novels of the same name...


Grand Kingdom Review (PS4)

Have you ever wanted to create a band of mercenaries? Abandon all concept of loyalty and honor for fame and fortune? Then look no further, as Grand Kingdom, a game by Spike Chunsoft, may be for you. Grand Kingdom is set...


Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Review (PS4)

Odin Sphere is a remake of the PS2 title that shares the same name. Odin Sphere is set during the Cauldron War, where five character interact with one another and unite. The story is beautifully told, as you’re a little...


Ray Gigant Review (PS Vita)

Ray Gigant is a beautiful dungeon crawler created by Experience Inc. The story beings several months after Zero-Day, the day the Gigant appeared, when Ichiya Amakze (a high schooler who stepped up and saved the day) arrives at a school...


Trillion: God of Destruction Review (PS Vita)

Trillion: God of Destruction is a game that has gone in a bold direction; separating itself from typical JRPG-type games, yet staying close enough to make any player who picks it up feel comfortable enough to play. The protagonist of...


PlayStation TV Production To End In Japan

The PlayStation TV, which was brought to North America in 2014, has stopped shipping in Japan according to its product page via the Official Japanese PlayStation website.   Credit: Games Talk...


PS4 Firmware 3.50 Beta Sign-Ups Now Up!

Over at the Playstation Blog, an update regarding the 3.50 firmware beta sign-ups have popped up. Last September we put a call out to PS4 owners to test out our next system software update and since we’re getting close to the release...


DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours Review (PS Vita)

Darius is a horizontal, wide-screen, shoot’em-up for the PS Vita, PS4, and PC. Originally released in 1986, it’s a series with a long, tenured history in the shmup (shorthand for shoot’em-up) category. In this game, you steer a small spacecraft...

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