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My favorite game is Dishonored and my favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy. My hobbies playing video games, writing about video games, and cosplay. Add me on PSN. My horrendous PSN ID is KillerCarter1218

Darksiders Warmastered Review (PS4)

Darksiders found an immediate following upon its release in 2012. Given that following, it's no surprise that it was given the remaster treatment. Darksiders' Warmastered edition brings over the Zelda-esque dungeon crawling and the God of War style combat into...


Dishonored 2 Review (PS4)

Although I had high hopes going into Dishonored 2, never did I expect it to exceed my every expectation. From its story, to its characters, to the world, to the gameplay, Dishonored 2 perfectly embodies everything a sequel should be....


Blizzard Officially Confirms Sombra

After months of clues, hints, codes and countdowns, Blizzard has officially confirmed Sombra as a playable hero in Overwatch. As many have theorized based on the nature of the clues, Sombra is a stealth-based hacker. Her kit includes a submachine...


Slain: Back From Hell Review (PS4)

22nd Century Toys' Slain: Back From Hell is a gorgeous retro-style platformer that boasts an enjoyable soundtrack, brutally difficult platforming and combat to go along with nostalgic graphics. Unfortunately, Slain lacks the mechanical and visual complexities to satisfyingly back up its...


Prominence Poker (PS4) Review

The game opens with a poker game against who is essentially the kingpin of Prominence. the first game serves as a tutorial. It's scripted and narrated by your opponent, which gives it a very cinematic noir vibe. It also makes good...


Overwatch Free to Play on Consoles for One Weekend

According to the website, Overwatch will be free to play from September 9 to September 12, so if anyone is still skeptical about Blizzard's objective based hero shooter, you now have the perfect opportunity to try it out for yourself....


Worms WMD (PS4) Review

Over the years, the Worms franchise has introduced many beloved installments. Unfortunately, I fear Worms WMD will be remembered as anything but beloved. The game replaces the traditional art style of the worms franchise with a  "hand-drawn" style that is reminiscent of a rejected Club Penguin style....


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review (PS4)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a brilliant first-person stealth game that takes the gameplay elements that made its predecessor, Human Revolution, great and also expanding upon them. Unfortunately, the flaws, while minor, that were found in Human Revolution are still present...


Chambara Review (PS4)

Team OK's Chambara takes a new approach to stealth and an old approach to multiplayer. Chambara is a local multiplayer, first-person game where each player plays as either a samurai dove or raven, each armed with a sword and shuriken. The...


August PlayStation Plus Games Announced

The August lineup of PlayStation Plus games has been announced. The lineup includes Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy for PS4 as well as Yakuza 5 for PS3. The full lineup can be found below. Tricky Towers, PS4 Rebel Galaxy, PS4...


Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Hero, Ana

Today Blizzard has officially announced Ana as a playable hero in Overwatch. Ana is the mother of offensive hero Pharah, however Ana's role will be that of a support sniper boasting a healing sniper rifle, sleep dart, and a nano...


The Technomancer Review (PS4)

Spiders's The Technomancer is filled with potential. From its interesting world, to its complex RPG mechanics. Unfortunately, Technomancer's ambition caused it to fly far too close to the proverbial sun and burn into a crisp of mediocrity. In the world of...

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