SmuggleCraft Revives Split-Screen Racing On Console

There was a time when multiplayer meant sitting on the couch and playing with friends. With online games dominating the scene, few titles give any thought to couch co-op or split screen competition. While the golden age of split screen games may have passed, SmuggleCraft aims to bring couch multiplayer back to modern gaming.

In addition to a single player story mode, SmuggleCraft boasts casual 4 player split-screen, and competitive online multiplayer with 8 players. Races feature fast ships, perilous terrain, and a style of play that feels like Podracer meets F-Zero. Procedurally generated tracks mean that races are more about adaptability than memorization, and every race brings a different challenge.

In story mode, players take on the role of a smuggler as they transport illegal contraband, upgrade their hovercraft, and run from the authorities. This quest based game mode features a branching narrative that allows the player to explore the stories in the unforgiving and troubled world of Dirahl, while smuggling for different factions.

The game’s visual design is defined by its stylized yet simple 3D environments, with 2D interface elements that merge classic sci-fi with art deco. The game’s original soundtrack by composer Bravendary is equally unique, inspired by both classical music and 80s synth pop.

Feature Highlights:

  • Single player, 4 player split-screen, 16 player online
  • Procedurally generated tracks
  • Upgradeable hovercrafts with hundreds of combinations
  • Quest-based missions complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases
  • Branching story with alternate endings based on player choice

SmuggleCraft is expected to release May 2017 for PS4 and Steam.

Marc Villa
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