New PS4 System Software Update Detailed

Everyone looks for some soft of positive out of every system software update on their respective consoles. Once in a blue moon, rather than upgrading security features or fixing a minuscule bug, there is a major update that actually address what fans have been clamoring for. Sony looks to be doing this with its 4.50 update codenamed Sasuke. This update has entered beta and if you had signed up for it and chosen to participate, you should receive an email with instructions. The PlayStation Blog has detailed what to expect, and it is rather large. Sony is looking to refine the user interface first and foremost, and then add in these much requested enhancements.

The biggest announcement regarding the 4.50 update is the ability to plug in an external hard drive. This will allow players to put game installs and applications on the hard drive without having to install a new one internally. The hard drive must be USB 3.0 compatible, and can be up to 8 terabytes. So if you have maxed out a 2 terabyte internally, and have the cash flow to get an 8 terabytes, you can do the math, that is ten 10 terabytes. I can imagine that would cover almost everything out there. One reason Sony could be doing this is that future games, especially Pro-enhanced games, are going to require more storage. This makes it more easily accessible rather than having to pull the cover off and replace something that’s outside your comfort zone. Simply plugging in the hard drive gives you the storage. This is a huge improvement. All the applications saved on the external hard drive will appear in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen. However, user save files are still stored locally on the PS4 and only games and apps can be stored externally. Will this support movie storage? Nothing has been mentioned about that.

Do you have that perfect screenshot from Final Fantasy XV or Uncharted 4? Do you consider that wallpaper worthy? Well, with the new update, you can now add custom wallpapers as your background image on the home screen. Drop-shadows on text and the option to dim the Function Area will keep everything visible even with super bright backgrounds. Screenshots can even be edited and enhanced using Photo Mode in Sharefactory.

The rest of the update will include simpler enhancements. The Quick Menu will take up less of the screen and make it more accessible for party features. Sony states that the goal is to keep you in the game and not stuck in the menus. There will also be a simplified Notification List. Now you can customize your pop-ups and get them prioritized. Players will also have the ability to post directly on the PlayStation Network Activity Feed. This will include screenshots, texts, and gifs of public activities. Finally, 3D Blu-Rays are now capable to be played on the PlayStation VR. More features will be announced before the official release, but the news on this is huge. Stay tuned for more information.

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