Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro Patch Hits Some Speedbumps

Square Enix just released the Final Fantasy XV patch for PS4 Pro to allow the game to run at 60 fps, but according to Digital Foundry, the patch doesn’t quite reach those levels.

Unlocked framerates range from 30-50fps. To make matters worse, the Lite version, which let you play at a constant 30fps, has been removed.

To be fair, the patch did address some other areas besides performance.

  • Support for up to 60fps on PS4 4 Pro Lightweight Mode
  • Added timed quests
  • Level cap increased to 120
  • Increased number of photos that can be saved to 120
  • Implemented the use of music player when riding chocobos
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Two songs from the NieR series added to the music player
KC Stanfield
the authorKC Stanfield

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