Darknet Coming To PSVR March 7th

Darknet is a strategy puzzle game in which you play as an elite hacker contracted to retrieve data from the world’s most secure networks. Dive into the Net, install viruses, inject code, and hack your way through cybersecurity in an experience inspired by the classic cyberpunk vision of the future. Using your VR headset you will dive head first into nodes for a first person up close experience in hacking.

The game’s getting some spiffy new improvements now that it’s coming to PSVR. Full audio integration added to the PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller, art enhancements to the UI and main menu, as well as all-new PlayStation trophies for players to earn are among the additions to the game.

Some of the games highlights are as follows : Darknet will force you to work against the clock, challenge yourself by beating your best times and hacking every level. Procedural level generation will make it so no two networks are alike, making the game ever changing and the difficulty ever growing. If you think you truly has what it takes to hack, you can uncover hidden details in the networks, unlocking special rewards. Darknet will have it’s own featured subreddit where you can chat with other hackers and even the developers about strategy.

Darknet was awarded the PAX Golden Sushi Award and Protos Awards’ “Best Gameplay,” and was the winner of the VR Jam. It releases March 7th for $14.99. Check out the trailer for PSVR below.

Ryan Joaquim
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