Warframe’s ‘Most Comprehensive Update’ The War Within Releases On PS4 And Xbox One Today

The newest update for the free-to-play action game Warframe, The War Within, releases today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In Warframe’s “most comprehensive update of 2016”, players will continue The Second Dream, a cinematic quest with new missions, enemies, weapons, and more. Here is a little description from the press release of what players can expect from continuation of the multi-stage quest:

Since the Tenno have awoken, whispers of the Grineer Queens’ presence have echoed throughout the system. What secrets lay hidden within their shadowy empire? Venture into their fortress to unravel the mysteries of the Tenno’s past and discover their true abilities. But beware, this path is not an easy one. Underpowered and unprepared, players must be willing to test the limits of their strength in new and unsettling ways, not only to save themselves but the fate of their entire kind.

Additionally, Warframe developer and publisher, Digital Extremes, has organized the Warframe Prime Gaming Giveaway where players can win an Origin PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, or top tier prime access packs. Players must log into Warframe between today and February 1, 2017, and fill out an entry form at warframe.com/giveaway to be eligible to win. More rules are also available in the giveaway link provided.

The War Within update released earlier this year for PC generating some impressive results including an all-time high of concurrent players and becoming one of the top 3 games on Steam when the update was released.

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