Sundered Gets New Trailer, Game’s Design And Influences Detailed

Thunder Lotus Games’ new game, Sundered, gets a new trailer. Check it out below:

Sundered is a Metroidvania style game that allows you to tailor your experience through your choices. Creative Director, William Dubé, explains exactly how the unique skill tree works as well as how resisting or embracing certain abilities affects the entire experience:

This brings us to Sundered’s catch phrase: Resist or Embrace. The Abilities can be corrupted. After defeating a boss, you receive an Elder Shard. This special relic can be brought to a Skill Shrine on the world to corrupt a specific Ability. A Corrupted Ability is a much more powerful version of the same gameplay mechanic, but it comes at a cost to your humanity. Corrupting an Ability has consequences on game mechanics, as you become more powerful, but has repercussions on the story and the game’s ending, as hinted to in the Embrace trailer.

Sundered will be available on PS4 sometime in 2017. For more on Sundered and other PlayStation goodness, don’t forget to check PlayStation Insider.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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