Resident Evil 7 Gets New Gameplay Video

Capcom will be releasing the new Resident Evil 7 in January. Today, a new video that amounts to eight minutes has been released showing off different portions of gameplay. The game continues to look visually stunning as it looks to focus on creating a tense atmosphere. It really is all about the lighting and an enemy coming out of nowhere. A few things to notice about the gameplay video that might not have been known before is that the environment looks to be completely destructible. In some of the gameplay, a enemy is chasing you and manages to smash a table with a weapon, and then completely smash through a wall that clearly was not that thick.

One other big thing that may go unnoticed to some are the sound effects. Resident Evil 7 looks to have a lot of nods to the original games. If you pay close attention, all the sound effects should sound familiar. From doors opening to shots fired and even fire, it all sounds familiar. The video even showcased a crank to lower a bridge. While the game may seem unfamiliar, currently, as Capcom is clearly going in the direction of P.T. and Outlast, it may all come together in the end to truly feel like a Resident Evil game. While it is not in a third person view, the first person view may bring back the idea of tank controls, and the virtual reality experience should be amazing. Stay tuned for more information involving Resident Evil 7 leading up to its release.

Cory Wells
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