Pixel Titans’ Strafe Putting An Emphasis On Blood And Gore, Releasing Next Year For PS4

Pixel Titans’ roguelike first-person shooter, Strafe, is coming to PlayStation 4 consoles next year. A brand new gameplay trailer showcases Strafe’s ultra-bloody features in the form of a “complex system” known as “Uber-Gore Tech v2.0”. This is what the game director, Thom Glunt, has to say about how the gore will affect the gameplay:

We spent a lot of time working on the blood and gore in Strafe because we feel that it’s important for the player to leave their mark on a level. After a firefight it’s awesome to see the mess you’ve made and it’s rewarding to know that every splash of blood represents a challenge you’ve overcome.


The gore is also great for telegraphing where you’ve been. Since the blood and gibs never fade away you have a breadcrumb trail of carnage that helps you prevent backtracking.


Lastly, the persistent gore opened up new gameplay possibilities with acid-based enemies. These enemies bleed acid that will burn the player if they stand in it. So avoid it at all costs or cover it up with the blood of another enemy to make a safe path!”

No specific date has been announced, but we will keep you updated once we find out more. Until then, check back on PlayStation Insider for more of the latest and greatest PlayStation news!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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