Perfect Releasing Tomorrow For PSVR

Have you ever wanted to be on a getaway beach vacation, but couldn’t afford it because of all those video games you bought? Yes, you have. Thanks to developer nDreams, that all changes tomorrow with the release of Perfect.

With the power of PS VR, the game allows you to experience three places: Northern Lights, Tropical Beach, and Mountain Wilderness. You can “escape, explore, and relax” right in the comfort of your living room. The game will allow you to change the times of day, point of view, and capture moments in your environments.

Perfect will have an in-game radio that you can tune into while enjoying these locations and will also allow you to stream your own music on Spotify through Playstation Music. Perfect will be available tomorrow for $9.99, but in celebration of it’s launch, it will be 20% off until January 4th. You can check out the trailer below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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