Modern Warfare Remaster December Update

Yesterday Modern Warfare Remaster got a decent sized update, 27GB to be exact. So here’s what that 27gigs included : the update gives us the rest of the original maps from the game, as well as an all new winter themed map for the Holidays. The update also included new Holiday themed camo’s. The biggest and newest thing from the update though are female soldiers. Modern Warfare never originally had female characters in multiplayer, so this required all new voice acting and was a pleasant surprise to find, however the characters do need to be unlocked in a loot box, which is another new addition from the update. Also from the loot boxes you can get a sword as a secondary.

The update is making Modern Warfare “Remastered” a lot more like a Modern Warfare 2.0.

Ryan Joaquim
the authorRyan Joaquim
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