Double Dragon 4 Announcement and Release Date

buy Pregabalin uk Are you an 80’s kid? Were you a fan of beat ’em ups? Are you upset over George Michael’s random Christmas death? Well, today there is some news that will get you pointed in the right direction. According to a press release from Arc System Works, an official fourth game in the Double Dragon series from the NES days will be releasing on January 30th for Steam and PlayStation 4. Double Dragon IV will be a throwback to the original series. Unlike Double Dragon Neon from 2012 (which was incredible, by the way), the new game will feature 8-bit graphics, gameplay, and sound.

buy provigil india The company has released a teaser trailer to coincide with the announcement. It also flashes the start screen and will feature a story mode and two player. Engadget has noted from the press release that three of the members of the franchise’s original development team are on board for this game. The original planner, designer, and composer will help create that classic feel. If you are unfamiliar with the Double Dragon franchise, it was arguably the most popular game in the 1980s. Starting from the arcades and being ported to Nintendo, games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage would most likely never had existed if it wasn’t for Double Dragon. The original series boasted three games, with the new one being the fourth. The Dragons would team up with Battletoads during the 16-bit era and also get their own awful movie. Check out the trailer below and keep checking back for more information on Double Dragon IV.


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