Walmart is Breaking the Street Date on PlayStation 4 Pro Are you eager to get your hands on a PS4 Pro and not wait until later this week? Are you looking to cure your boredom this weekend? Well it might be well worth your time to check out a couple of Walmarts in your area. Even if, for some strange reason, you pre-ordered your Pro at a Walmart, it seems like they are breaking the street date in random locations. The picture for this article was taken at a Walmart, as someone in Arizona was able to get their hands on it early. Of course, their system has an automated message about breaking the street date, but it can be overwritten on a case-by-case basis.

Discover More A few things have been confirmed about the system at launch. The system seems to come loaded with the PlayStation software version 4.0. A user by the name of @JuniperMaxRoth on Twitter confirms that they had to update it. It will get updated to version 4.05. Even more importantly, more resolution options have been added on the option screen. There is now a 2160p YUV420 option, as well as a 2160p RGB option for the menu. Of course, your television will auto scale to the correct resolution that your television supports. Also, Juniper Roth’s YouTube channel is Maxwell Inc. Studios, which features videos of the console. Lastly, reddit user NothingTrivial was able to confirm that he walked into a store and purchased one with no issues. So if you have been eagerly waiting, maybe it is time to start eagerly hunting.

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