Two Day Deal: Get A PS4 or PS4 Slim, Get Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Free

Between November 4-5 anyone who orders either a PS4 or PS4 Slim (that also includes bundles) will get Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for free. At the current moment it seems that the this deal does not include the PS4 Pro as it has not yet come out, and the deal is also only available in select retailers. Regardless, here are some of the options to think about for those interested in jumping on this deal:

PlayStation 4 500 GB


PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB Uncharted 4 Bundle


PlayStation 4 500 GB Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Bundle


PlayStation 4 500 GB Bundle with Call of Duty Black Ops III


PlayStation 4 500 GB Star Wars Battlefront Bundle


Source: PlayStation Blog

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