The PlayStation 4 Pro Launches Today

You might have been one of the people waiting in line to pick up your new PlayStation 4 Pro last night, or you might be waking up this morning trying to make a decision on whether or not to purchase the new system. Regardless, today is the launch day of the PS4 Pro across North America. The system promises boosted 4K visuals and processing power for quite a few games that are already released on the system, 40 to be exact. If you own a PlayStation VR, visuals will be improved on this, as well. People will see some improvement on 1080p television sets, and some games allow a better frame rate.

On top of the games, there are other enhancements that are available day one. Netflix and YouTube now offer plenty of content in 4K if you lacked a smart tv, previously. On top of this Hulu is offering a visual upgrade to its content, as well. As a reminder, Sony guarantees that there will be no difference in actual content for the PS4 Pro and the regular PS4, meaning you will not miss out on anything if you still have the old system. The new system simply enhances graphical prowess. The system can be had for $399, and should be the route to take if you do not already own a PS4. Lastly, it seems gifs can be created within the Sharefactory software on the system. This is something neat to consider. Keep checking in for any new information involving the PS4 Pro.

Cory Wells
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