Star Wars Battlefront 2 Confirmed for Fall 2017

So it certainly looks to be that the next Star Wars Battlefront game will coincide with the release of the next movie, Star Wars Episode 8. According to EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen, it will see the light of day in Fall 2017. Much like the last game, it should be around the time the movie comes out. Most fans will be clamoring for more content and a single player campaign. EA DICE will need to deliver on that as it was also confirmed that while the last game focused on the original Star Wars movies, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will focus on the new movies. Jorgensen actually confirmed all this information yesterday during a conference call with financial analysts.

“We’re working very hard on making sure that it’s an extremely deep and engaging offering,” Jorgensen stated during the call. This should certainly please fans looking for more than the first title. As of May 2016, the reboot of the Battlefront series had sold 14 million copies worldwide. The game can be found for fairly cheap from some different outlets and could be on sale on Black Friday if you have been holding off. The only non-original content from the first trilogy in the last game was the DLC titled Battle of Jakku. Fans still have the VR experience to anticipate for this game.

Star Wars games could turn into a yearly title for EA. While there is not a full game coming out this year, the Death Star Expansion should help tie fans over until the new game releases. Also, in 2018, there will be a third-person action game released by EA set in the Star Wars universe. It really seems as long as there is a movie coming out, that EA will have a game to help hype it. Stay tuned for more information involving Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Cory Wells
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