Lead the Animal Revolution in Tooth and Tail Coming to PS4

From the creators of the co-op heist game Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, comes a RTS with simple controls and insane complexity. The player steps into the paws of the Flagbearer, controller of an army of animals that will follow your command into war without hesitation. Control your army to fight, build structures, and dominate the competition. Also as a giant plus, Tooth and Tail, like Pocketwatch Games’ previous game, is also local co-op, specifically split-screen.

Just to show the simplicity of the controls, here they are:


While at a quick glance they look a little overloaded, what is shown in the picture is the entire set of controls. Tooth and Tail is meant to be a game that is simple to pick up and play but is wildly complex for the hardcore fans of RTS games.


With an endless amount of scenarios, randomly generated maps, and customizable factions, Tooth and Tail is sure to be a wild time, especially with it’s online competitive mode.

Also here’s some gameplay videos for those still uncertain of what the game will be like.



Source: PlayStation Blog

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