Blizzard Officially Confirms Sombra

mail order Lyrica After months of clues, hints, codes and countdowns, Blizzard has officially confirmed Sombra as a playable hero in Overwatch. As many have theorized based on the nature of the clues, Sombra is a stealth-based hacker. Her kit includes a submachine gun for short ranged combat, and a beacon that she can throw out and then later teleport to from wherever she is. Her “hack” ability temporarily disables all abilities of a single enemy for a short time, and her camouflage allows her to become temporarily invisible. Her ultimate is an EMP that disables all abilities and barriers in the area, including ultimates and buildables like Torbjorn and Symmetra’s turrets. Blizzard went on to say she will be in the PTR next week however at this time there are no details on when we can expect her full release.

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Sombra was revealed alongside another animated short that gives us a little more insight into her character

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Source: Blizzcon 2016

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