The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Haunting October 18th on PS4

Get your costumes out because you’re gonna be selling them this Halloween and getting the new Jackbox Party Pack 3 coming October 18 for PS4. Or, you know, just buying the game and playing it with your costumes on…

Here’s a quick trailer with a look into what the game looks like.

Regardless, the new pack comes with five games, one being the highly anticipated Quiplash 2, the improved sequel to the original “say anything” fiesta game that was Quiplash.


Another of the games has been concocted specifically for the Halloween festivities; Trivia Murder Party, a horror themed trivia game that will leave you hanging off the side of your electric chair. Like any normal multiple-choice trivia game, any player who gets the questions wrong must play a minigame where they could potentially die, and after all but one is dead, the final escape begins which leads to a bunch of fiascoes to come back to life!


Also, the survey game Guesspionage presents the weirdness of your fellow friends’ personalities. Along with this weirdness comes Tee K.O., the t-shirt battle game where you create t-shirt designs to battle against (you almost might be able to buy your t-shirt designs).


Finally Fakin’ It, the game of trust in which you may accuse your so called “friends” of being cheaters and filthy liars.

The pack is $24.99 USD, so get ready to have tons of unadulterated fun with friends and perhaps and audience of people!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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