RUMOR: An Image of The Elusive Sombra From Overwatch May Have Been Leaked

Today may finally be the day that we, and many other people in the Overwatch community, have been waiting for. An image of Sombra may have been leaked alongside a teaser for her release date tonight.

For more evidence, the following text is seen at the top:

“Hero: Sombra: She will be hacking her way into the build (later tonight)”


This leak was posted on twitter by user @ALLGamesDelta (check it out here)

For anyone unfamiliar with Sombra, there has been an ARG surrounding the character. A majority of the ARG has been comprised of websites being hacked and odd images in Spanish that concern getting into the database of Overwatch.

There is also some legitimately awesome looking leaked images of a Halloween inspired comic book of Overwatch, which were released alongside the image. If they are fake, I would love to congratulate the artists on their fan work!

Source: ALLGamesDelta (Twitter) Via Destructoid


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