Rockstar Releases Another Image Hinting At Upcoming Red Dead Title

Another day, another new image released by Rockstar Games. Exactly 24 hours after yesterday’s post, Rockstar showed off another new image on their Twitter account without any comment.

What’s interesting about today’s image is that it features 7 shadowed figures off in the distance. Judging by their attire and the weapons they are holding, there are now no longer any doubts that this is indeed the next Red Dead game that is being teased.

For those who played Red Dead Redemption, the 7 figures in the distance may be hinting at what the possible plot for this new game could be. The story of RDR focused John Marston on hunting down old members of Dutch’s Gang. This notorious gang was known across the west for robbing banks and committing murders. With this known, could this new image be hinting at Dutch’s Gang from Red Dead Redemption? And if so, does that mean this new Red Dead will be a prequel taking place before RDR?

There’s more questions than answers at this point, but this is a fun little journey that Rockstar is taking us on before fully revealing the game. If Rockstar continues this ongoing trend of revealing a new image every day, then be sure to check out their Twitter page around 9 AM tomorrow morning to see what they have in store next.

Logan Moore
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