Restore Balance October 25 In Tethered Coming to PSVR

enter Tethered is a simplistic strategy game where you play as a Spirit Guardian aiming to save the world ravaged by evil, and rescue your allies which have become imprisoned because of it. Being the only Spirit Guardian left, your goal is to lead the islands’ inhabitants known as Peeps to destroy the evil that is consuming the world. Experience 13 individually-crafted sky islands that each hide secrets, puzzles, and challenges.

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Gather enough Spirit Energy to release your allies imprisoned inside ancient totems. To do so, command your Peeps to gather resources to improve your base and defenses to fend off monsters at night. Also, wield great elemental powers to help your people while destroying the enemy. Here’s the announcement trailer released earlier this year to learn more of the game’s aesthetic. Make sure if you’re interested to look out for the game when it comes out October 25th on PSVR.


Source: PlayStation Blog



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