Prey, an Upcoming PS4 Sci-Fi Survival Game Has a New Trailer

follow link Prey is a sc-fi narrative shooter slightly based upon the game of the same name. It is not meant to be a sequel, or a remake, and it apparently is similar to other games like System Shock, Dead Space, and BioShock. Today, a trailer regarding more of the lore of the game has been released:

go Coming from the trailer, Prey takes place in an alternate future where President Kennedy survives his assassination, leading to the United States’ further involvement in the space race. This ends in the discovery of non-terrestrials and the creation of the facility Talos I, which becomes ravaged by the aliens. The player is put in the role of Morgan, the sole survivor of Talos I, and must use a variety of alien-powers and other weapons to save humanity from the impending danger that lies in the station.

Jasper Song
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