Hitman Season Finale Release Date Announced

The season finale for Hitman will be available on October 31, and will take place in Hokkaido, Japan.

Io-Interactive also released a teaser trailer with the announcement, which features a short clip of Agent 47 arriving in Hokkaido. You can watch it below.

The final mission for Hitman: Season One is titled “Situs Inversus”. Players must travel to an exclusive resort and hospital in Japan, and locate two targets. The resort combines traditional Japanese beauty with futuristic technology, and will have Zen gardens, an organic sushi restaurant, and a hot spring.

Situs Inversus aims to be a climactic experience, making players utilize everything they’ve learnt in past episodes in order to get through it.

Since its launch in March, Hitman: Season One has been to places like Paris, Bangkok, and Colorado.

Funké Joseph
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