Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising Coming to PS4

Travel to depths of the Underworld, building an army of collectible followers to fight for your soul. Battle with the Court of the Dead and Death himself to save your afterlife.

Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising is a 2D role-playing game in which you choose from three faction to join and challenge other players for supremacy. The game is turn-based and played on a grid that will depend on the monsters that you encounter and your environment.

PVP battles will be implemented as well, and tournaments can be entered to win glorious prizes. There is also a wide variety of ways to customize your character to make them more unique (accessories, body modifications, weapons, etc.) .

For those interested, the game has a kickstarter page, and if possible, the game will come around mid-late 2017.

Jasper Song
the authorJasper Song
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