Square Enix Console 10 Years In The Making Is Coming To America In Limited Supply

You can order the slick new slim with a 1TB hard-drive and the Collector’s Edition of the game–here with free shipping.

UPDATE: They went out of stock, but they seem to be back up if you click this link


Having been revealed during Tokyo Game Show by Hajime Tabata (FFXV’s Director), there was little-to-no news as to if the new console would be coming to America. It’s a surprise that it will be coming to the states, even if it’s a gamestop-retail exclusive.

Tabata said the console’s design was inspired by a shot taken from the game that included Noctis (the game’s main character) in front of a pale moonlight.

A trailer for the game was shortly shown after, detailing story-beats that will be in the first-half of the game (warning: do not watch if you haven’t seen Kingsglaive).


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