Root Letter Pen Pal Edition Mailing Over to the West

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Rice Digital has announced that it will bring the collector’s edition of the visual novel, Root Letter, to the West for both PS4 and PS Vita this year (likely in October). The collector’s edition is called the Pen Pal Edition and includes:

  • A standard version of Root Letter
  • Premium Artbook as released in Japan, but fully localized into English.
  • The Official Root Letter Soundtrack
  • Fumino Aya’s letter and envelope set as featured in Root Letter itself
  • Stunning, high-quality, Minoboshi Taro Giclée Print on Hahnemuhle paper.
  • Fumino Aya Handbag presentation box.

buy Lyrica Pregabalin rootletter-col-edition-presenter-v3psd-949x534-us-version-642x364

buy accutane mexico For everyone unfamiliar with the game, it is a mystery visual novel adventure made by Kadokawa. Being their first entry in their new Kadokawa mystery series, it starts off with a letter you receive 15 years late from your old pen pal Fumino Aya. Being the last letter you received from her after she mysteriously disappeared, in the letter, she confesses to a murder. It is up to you to unravel the enigma behind what happened to her and the murder she may have committed. The game has you relieving past moments with Aya, investigating the town, and interrogating residents. Set to release in October 28th, Root Letter definitely has me interested just by the premise of the story.

You can get the PS4 version here and the PS Vita version here.

If you just want the game itself, the PS4 version is here and the PS Vita version is here.

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