Rez Infinite: New Content Revealed

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the rhythm games Rez, Space Channel 5, and Lumines, gives another glimpse into the rebirth of Rez. Rez Infinite, coming to PS4 and PS VR, shows off its new content known as Area X.


In his post on PlayStation Blog, he writes about what exactly Area X is:

“Area X is a new level we’ve added just for Rez Infinite.

Area X is an experiment.

Area X is Rez, but it’s also not Rez… it’s something new.”


He goes over how Area X is focused, similar to the original Rez’s addictive and replayable levels. Besides this core concept, he and his team decided to start anew trying to recapture what made the original special. Their goal was, and is, to create a new excitement and experience, riveting and awe inspiring by its own merits.

Releasing on October 13th, I personally am excited to experience Area X and everything else Rez Infinite has in store in VR. I may not be able to post afterwards, because my perception of the real-world will be destroyed. If you’re the same way, be sure to get it on PS4 and or PS VR when it comes out!

Source: PlayStation Blog

Jasper Song
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