PS4 System Software 4.0 Releases Tomorrow

PS4 users won’t have much longer to wait to organize their games in folders. The latest software update 4.0, codenamed Shingen, is out September 13. That’s tomorrow!

Besides the ability to finally organize your collection, 4.0 features new quick and share menus that no longer interrupt gameplay sessions. The quick menu has Spotify integration, so music lovers can control their tunes without leaving games or opening the Spotify app.

This update also includes HDR support to every PS4 in existence, which was a surprise announcement at the PlayStation Meeting last week.

The ability to transfer content from PS4 to PS4 will also be included. That means those with PT still on their console can safely move it from console to console!

There are even some PS4 Pro exclusive features in this update. PS4 Pro owners will be able to stream to Remote Play in 1080p. They can even stream gameplay to YouTube at 1080p/60fps.

Sony has also changed the style of the “What’s New?” page and your game content pages to streamline the process and show more information. Users can also now view PS4 trophies offline, a feature that has been on PS3 and Vita for quite some time.

All these cool features will be available starting tomorrow! For more on the PS4 4.0 software update, check out the PlayStation Blog post here.

Max Roberts
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