PlayStation VR Core Bundle Video Released

PlaySation has officially released a video of unboxing the PS VR Core Bundle, featuring Sid Shuman from PlayStation Blog.

Releasing October 13th, the PS VR Core Bundle includes:

  • The PS VR Headset
  • PS VR processing unit
  • An In-Line remote
  • An array of cables such as a power, hdmi, and usb cable for connecting and using the PS VR
  • PlayStation Worlds VR, a demo disc with 18 playable demos like Battlezone, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League
  • Stereo Headphones

More Details

The PS VR Headset uses a high-end, 1080p O-LED screen. LEDs are integrated around the headset used for motion-sensing.

The processing unit will be used to connect the PS VR to the TV and PS4. It also includes 3D audio and a social screen experience which will allow others to experience what you are experiencing.


The In-Line remote controls audio settings, and also a feature to mute or unmute the integrated microphone. On the back is an audio output for putting in headphones.


Also you must have a PlayStation Camera to use the PS VR, included here.

The PlayStation move controllers are also necessary for a much more immersive experience.

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