PlayStation Insider’s Most Anticipated Games This Fall

Every gamer’s favorite time of year is finally upon us. Blockbuster games will be releasing on almost a weekly basis from here on out and there’s a lot to be excited about as we enter this fall. There’s a lot of great games coming out over these next couple months, but these are the ones that we here at PlayStation Insider are looking forward to the most.

Dishonored 2 – Carter McDaniel


My most anticipated game this fall is Dishonored 2. The first game quickly became one of my all time favorites when it released in 2012, and the sequel looks like everything a sequel should be. The visuals have been updated, the gameplay enhanced, and the choice to make Emily fully payable is the perfect way to add fresh mechanics and still fit into the beautiful world that Arkane has built.

WWE 2K17 – Michael Ruiz


Thanks to a friend of mine,, I reacquainted myself with the WWE right before they began the “new era” of the company. My first pay-per-view was last year’s Wrestlemania when Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank case and stole the Heavyweight Championship from his former partner and friend, Roman Reigns. As I watched the ridiculousness ensue, I became intrigued by its over-the-top acting and incredible stunts. To make a long story short, one thing led to another and I became a WWE enthusiast. WWE 2K16 was a good first step in the right direction for the series. While I didn’t enjoy some of its gameplay mechanics (I.e. the submission mini game), it was fun to take your favorite superstars and fight against each other in local competitive play. Nothing hurt more watching Seth Rollins curb stomp my boy Neville for the pin. Additionally, the myCareer mode was loads of fun. Similar to NBA 2K’s mode of the same name, you create your own superstar and begin your career as a newbie on NXT, their development company. Their were truly great ideas in last year’s iteration that could be improved upon for this year. Hopefully the voice acting will be better too.

The Last Guardian – Logan Moore


The Last Guardian is my most anticipated game this fall purely out of morbid curiosity. While it may not end up being the game I have the most fun with, it’s the game I want to play the most simply because the thought of being able to actually sit down in my living room with it doesn’t seem realistic. After having an absurdly long development cycle, I want to see just how this supposed masterpiece will turn out. It’s also worth noting that I am a big fan of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so I’ve had an invested interest in The Last Guardian for quite some time. All I’m hoping for is that it turns out to be no less than good.

SuperHyperCube – Max Roberts


Coming exclusively to PSVR on launch day, SuperHyperCube is a psychedelic puzzle game from the mind of Phil Fish. The concept involves fitting a 3D shape into a 2D hole. Every shape you fit adds more cubes to the existing shape. Using the headset you look around the object as it gets larger and larger. It is like fitting a square peg into a circular hole. With a trippy color scheme that mesmerizes the user, it’s hard not to count down the days until PSVR and SuperHyperCube.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered – Ryan Joaquim


My most anticipated game for the fall is the Modern Warfare Remaster. Personally, it was one of the most enjoyable games I played with friends during the 360 generation, and it was one of those games I always said I would like to revisit for the “first time” again. There’s a lot of new games coming out I’m excited for, but I know playing this game will give me genuine happiness through nostalgia.

Final Fantasy XV – Dan Thompson


There’s an increasing anxiety that’s surrounding Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately after delays and a long time in development hell, I was holding my expectations back for the innovative JRPG being developed by Square Enix. However, after trying Final Fantasy XV at this year’s PAX West, I can state with full confidence that the game is well on its way to becoming great. With a slick combat-system, an emotional story, and an expansive open-world, I’m excited to finally get my hands on the latest entry in the long-running series this November.

Watch Dogs 2 – Jared Schuh


As someone who is in the minority of people who actually enjoyed playing the first Watch Dogs, I am super excited for the sequel. From the updated hacking mechanics, to the completely new environment of San Francisco, I can hardly wait until I can sink my teeth into that open world. The protagonist Marcus Holloway actually looks like an interesting character as well, especially since Aiden Pearce from the first game was kind of a dull character. This is definitely a game I am going to spend endless hours trying to collect everything and complete every objective. Plus, you get a drone! How cool is that!?

Logan Moore
the authorLogan Moore
Logan is a video production student from Indianapolis and has been playing video games since he was in diapers. When he's not playing games, he's probably watching the Chicago Cubs and praying that God one day delivers them a championship.

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