PAX West 2016: World of Final Fantasy Impressions for PS4 and Vita PAX West 2016 was one of the best times of my life. Not only were the panels (like the Final Fantasy XV and the Let’s Play panel) exhilarating and full of surprises, but I was allowed to play one of my now most anticipated game of this year. This game I am talking about is set to release next month, and is called World of Final Fantasy. While it may seem like just a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series at first glance, World of Final Fantasy has its own characters and story which may even surpass those of other cherished games in the series.


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There is a fleshed out story in the game featuring twins Lann and Reyne. Through unknown circumstances, the two have amnesia, and lead by a strange woman, they travel to a different world to regain these lost memories. The world is known as Grymoire, and all characters that are met in the game are in a chibi form known as Lilikins. Many of the characters found in the game are from the franchise. Some examples include Cloud, Yuna, and Lightning from their respective Final Fantasy games.

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The gameplay of World of Final Fantasy is slick, and reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games. In battle, you can switch between the standard command list like other Final Fantasy games or use a more simplified version with basic commands listed. I already had an extra party member besides the twins: a familiar that could be found in the game. I had the choice to either stack it onto one of the twins’ heads or have it attack on its own. Special combos could be done if I stacked correctly, but since I only had one familiar nothing happened when I stacked. The battle system was quick and featured a turn based system fans will know well.

The music was gorgeous, and the cutscenes were quirky and had high production value. I felt charmed by both the narrative and the characters at hand. The voice-acting for characters of older games are back (even ones who didn’t have voices in the first place). The voice-actors for the protagonists that are twins compound well together, and the writing of their dialogue is funny and endearing. Lann is a dumb and lovable younger brother, while Reyne is the older–more intelligent and serious sister. While this is their general personality, they do veer from this during varying situations; this keeps it more human and entertaining during the story.

I also noticed that the first city that the twins are sent to is the one from the first Final Fantasy, Cornelia. The city is familiar yet different, and exploration is easy and entertaining. I was not able to figure out how to freely transform from Jiant (yes Jiant) to Lilikin, as you’re supposed to be able to. After traveling around and defeating some enemies, the demo ended with a cutscene showcasing the seemingly open and free to explore world. Overall, World of Final Fantasy is very polished and I feel it is a certainty that it will be at the very least, a good game.

The game is set to release October 25, 2016, so don’t miss your chance to get this wonderful new adventure on PS4 and PS Vita with new and old friends.

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