New WWE 2K17 Trailer Shows Off Its “Creation Suite”

2K revealed a brand new trailer for WWE 2K17 showcasing the game’s creation tools. Check out the “creation suite” trailer to see the features in-game:

Create-a-Superstar is receiving a few tweaks and improvements from last year’s WWE 2K title. New hair styles and facial hair will be added as well as new body hair functionality. New skin effects such as burn marks, scars, and wrinkles will help you truly create your own unique superstar. Additionally, customizable teeth will make its way to WWE 2K17.

Some added features will also be making its way to Highlight Reel, Create-a-Show, and Create-an-Arena. You can check out all of the new tweaks on 2K’s post here.

WWE 2K17 will launch on October 11 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.


Michael Ruiz
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