Minecraft Chinese Mythology Pack Available October 5th

Explore some Chinese mythology in the new Minecraft: Console Edition Chinese Mythology Mash-up. In the mash-up, you will be able to visit a detailed, elegant pre-made world featuring various pieces of Chinese culture. Explore the world of Minecraft revamped to be ancient China, with a little touch of mythical creatures that have replaced the original monsters.

The pack will be available on the digital store for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and other consoles for 4.99 USD.

The Pack Includes:

  • 41 new skins to choose from
  • 13 themed music tracks
  • A special map for the Battle minigame released back in June.

Also as a quick note, there will be a free game update on the same day that will bring the following features:

  • New mobs: You’ll now find polar Bears (and their babies!) roaming frozen biomes
  • New items: Farm beetroots and keep yourself nourished with some healthy beetroot soup
  • Banners: Make beautiful banners to hang in your bases and spruce the place up
  • New terrain generation: You’ll find Igloos in Arctic biomes, Fossils buried underground, as well as different village paths and materials
  • New blocks: End Bricks, Beetroot, Grass Path, Frosted Ice, Magma, Nether Wart B-lock, Red Nether Brick and Bone Block


Source: PlayStation Blog

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