Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes For PS VR – Cinematic Video Released

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is releasing to PS VR. Included here is the cinematic trailer showing how the interaction will occur between the bomb expert, and the poor soul likely to die in the bomb room.

The interaction in the video is quirky and a bit silly, but shows the concept of the game. If you haven’t had the chance to play the game, it requires at least two people: one person as the person trapped in a room with a bomb, and a number of other people as the bomb experts instructing the person into deactivating it. The bomb experts are given instructions to read to the person trapped, and it is vital that communication is used effectively. There is a time-limit, there is three mistakes that you can make on the bomb, and there is only one way to win: complete all the puzzles on the bomb successfully. Good luck bomb experts.

The game is available October 13th of this year, and it’s sure to be an explosive experience!

Jasper Song
the authorJasper Song
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