Forgotton Anne: A 2D Cinematic Adventure Announced For 2017

Forgotton Anne, a 2d cinematic adventure, has been announced for 2017 on PS4 and other platforms. The game is a mixture of puzzle platforming and a combination of adventure elements, playing like a cinematic movie throughout the experience.

Welcome to the Forgotton Realm: a separate world from ours inhabitated by Forgotlings, creatures made up of mislaid objects, longing to be remembered again. The Forgotton realm is a place for those lost and forgotten.


You play as Anne, a woman trapped in the Forgotton Realm with her master, Bonku. She keeps order in the realm, but finally setting out to return to the human world where she once belonged. However, a great rebellion endangers the twos’ journey. They must prevent the rebellion in order to have a possibility to return home. forgotten-anne


Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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