Darkest Dungeon Releases On PS4 And PS Vita With New Features

The release of Red Hook’s Studio’s critically acclaimed dungeon crawler for PS4 and PS Vita is imminent. Darkest Dungeon will release on these PlayStation platforms on September 27 with a few bonuses exclusively for PlayStation players. Here is a list of all the new features coming to the game via PlayStation Blog:

  • For all our PlayStation players, we now start fresh estates with two trinkets: a Stone of Patience and a Stone of Endurance, as a small way of thanking our fans for their gratitude and support and patience as we developed the game.
  • We are also adding three new, extremely rare trinkets for players to find. “The Tempting Goblet” is one such rare trinket that can be found from the now-infamous skeletal courtiers, who have a habit of dousing heroes in acrid liquid of questionable origin. To imaginative players, the other two trinkets may foreshadow a looming threat not yet made manifest…
  • We’ve taken some time to embellish each of the four main dungeons — a new background has been added to the Ruins, Weald, Warrens, and Cove, adding more variety and character to each location.
  • We’ve also added a new Town Event: “A Day Long Awaited.” In celebration of the PlayStation launch, this event gives players a Stagecoach bursting with bonus recruits — word has spread of the riches to be found in the dungeons beneath the Estate! Been waiting desperately for that Jester? This event can help it happen.

Darkest Dungeon will be 20% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers upon launch for two weeks. Additionally, the game will also be cross-buy and cross-save. Darkest Dungeon releases next Tuesday. Will you be picking it up?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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