Celebrate Outbreak Day With Limited Edition Last Of Us Memorabilia, Merch And Game Sales

In Naughty Dog’s critically lauded action-adventure game, The Last Of Us, September 26 marks the day the Cordyceps virus took over on a global scale; this is known as Outbreak Day. To celebrate the bleak occasion, many are collaborating to bring you great deals on the game, merch and collectibles.

For those who haven’t picked up The Last Of Us on PS4, now is your chance. For just 10 dollars, you can pick up The Last Of Us Remastered. If you don’t own a PS4, you can get the original game for the same price. An Outbreak Day dynamic theme for PS4 is also available absolutely free. So go to the PlayStation Store now and pick up one of the greatest games of all time. You can also go to the PlayStation Gear Store to order some The Last Of Us apparel and collectibles for 20 percent off.


Additionally, Naughty Dog has collaborated with Mondo to produce a limited edition poster for the game. The poster will be a “small volume production” with each one numbered and signed by Kevin Tong, the piece’s artist. If you miss the sale, a portion of the print will be available at MondoCon 2016.

*Update: Turns out the poster has sold out already…. that was quick.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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