3on3 Freestyle Is Dribbling Its Way To PS4 This Year

Developer Joycity is bringing its multiplayer street basketball game, 30n3 Freestyle, to PS4 in the fourth quarter of 2016. Joycity aims to create an authentic street basketball experience while simultaneously keeping things fun with its arcade-style gameplay. Here is what Managing Director Marc Guerrier on their approach to create an authentic street basketball experience:

We wanted to approach this theme from two perspectives. The first from someone who plays pickup basketball games on the street and the other from a veteran of sports games. To authentically capture the desires of both, we went on a global journey to meet gamers all around the world and visit renowned street basketball courts to watch and interact with street basketball teams, players, and fans. Diving in deep, we went directly to landmark courts in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York and got right into the street basketball action at each location.

After spending months on the road at the courts, our development team took their observations and interactions back to the office, and used them to build the authentic characters, settings, features, and gameplay of 3on3 Freestyle. We also stayed in touch with numerous street basketball leagues and teams to keep the conversation going throughout the process of building the game.

For more information on the game, check out Joycity’s post on PlayStation Blog. If you are interested in playing a street basketball game, make sure to sign up for the closed beta for PS4. While no specific date was announced, 3on3 Freestyle will launch later this year on PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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