TumbleSeed Rolling Its Way To PS4

TumbleSeed is a game made by five individuals, and is simply about a seed and a corrupted mountain. A trailer has just been released detailing what is to come for this odd, yet charming looking adventure.

The corrupted mountain is the seed’s home, and the objective of the game is to get the seed to the peak by rolling it to the top. By accomplishing this, the seed will cure the mountain of its illness. Doing it is the real task, and as the trailer shows, there are creatures along the way which will hinder your journey up. The creators of the game call TumbleSeed a “rolly roguelike”, with a procedurally generated world, upgrades, and permadeath. The player will gain powerups to outwit the mountain’s obstacles.

For those going to PAX West this weekend, you can meet them in the Indie Minibooth on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday and Monday they will be at the Cards Against Humanity theatre.

Happy rolling!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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