Respawn Making Gameplay Tweaks To Titanfall 2 Due To “Passionate” Feedback

Last weekend, Respawn Entertainment conducted a multiplayer tech test for Titanfall 2 giving players the opportunity to test the highly anticipated sequel. After your “passionate” feedback, Respawn is making some tweaks to the first-person shooter’s gameplay for the second weekend of the tech test as well as in the final version.

In the tech test, pilot mobility was altered from Titanfall 1 in order to improve the game’s gunplay. The erratic nature of close firefights was too perplexing as well as fortuitous kills due to the lack of player predictability are just some of the aspects that were allegedly improved upon. However, after discovering inadvertent side effects due to speed deprivation, air speed and wall-running speed will now be increased.

One of the more complicated issues took form in the Titan’s survivability. Here is what Respawn had to say about the adjustment:

“First, we’ve changed from Titans having energy shields to a new Titan battery system which we believe improves rodeo gameplay and rewards teamwork. In Titanfall 1, rodeo was lethal to Titans, forcing pilots to disembark and engage in a 50 / 50 fight. In Titanfall 2, the rodeo pilot steals a battery and damages an enemy Titan. If they can give that battery to a friendly Titan, the Titan receives a shield and the Pilot gets Titan meter points. As players become more familiar with the system, we expect that Titans will live longer. This is an area we will continue to monitor leading up to launch.”

Modifications have now been made to decrease the amount of damage a Titan can endure.

After receiving feedback about the HUD’s “busy” aesthetic, Titanfall 2 will give players the ability to disable certain features to customize your experience. Alongside the customizable HUD options, the distance at which you can highlight an enemy will be decreased.

Additional alterations to the Titan’s mobility and the Titan meter will be made throughout the game’s run of Tech Test weekends. More details about these tweaks can be found here. If you want to keep posted on next weekend’s updates, you can check out the official Titanfall forums. Titanfall 2 will release on October 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Titanfall website

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