Nyko Data Bank Review (PS4)

http://douglasat201.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http:/douglasat201.org/construction-update-september-19-2016/ If you’re suffering from a lack of games on your console due to the storage limitations, worry no more, The Nyko Data Bank is here to fix your storage woes.

http://kootenayhomes.com/ownership/freehold/page/4/?type=list The Nyko Data Bank is a accessory that replaces your hard drive and left side top of your PS4 and fits any internal 3.5-inch SATA compatible hard drive (the recommended is a 2TB 7200RPM) Unfortunately, it does not come with a hard drive already, so you’ll have to go out of your way to acquire one (which run between $20-$100) unless you have one already. The Nyko Data Bank recommends a 2TB hard drive as the max. This is in large part due to Sony not having firmware that can handle hard drive storage larger than 2TB. This does not mean that you can’t put in a 3TB+ hard drive, but do know there are issues, specifically with rest mode not working, when using any hard drive higher than 2TB.

enter site The Nyko Data Bank is ridiculously easy to install. Inside of the box contains a screw driver that fits the screw heads on the PS4 so you can remove the hard drive cover and fit the Data Bank on top. This does mean that the PS4 will gain a height increase of about 2 1/2″-3″ on just the left side. This was a bit of an inconvenience for me, since I use an entertainment system slot that my PS4 was able to fit in, but with the Nyko Data Bank, it couldn’t fit any longer. So if you’re using a specific space that fits the PS4 perfectly like I was, be prepared to accommodate the increase in size.

After hooking up your Nyko Data Bank to your PS4 with the hard drive of your choice, you then need to download the PS4 initial firmware – NOT THE UPDATE FIRMWARE – via the official PlayStation website and put that on to a Fat32 formatted USB drive of at least 2GB.  Without the Fat32 Format, the PS4 will  fail to read the files, so make sure you have that formatted beforehand. This whole process was only about five minutes. The long, arduous process is re-downloading all the games you had on your PSN store and re-installing them.

Overall, the Nyko Data Bank is insanely easy to install and an easy storage fix for those wanting more room than the default 500gb. There is some minor height issues I had, but for most that probably won’t be the case. The design of the Nyko Data Bank itself meshes well with the PS4 design theme and does not impede its ability to be horizontal or vertical. The only real downside is the lack of being able to use rest mode when putting in a hard drive greater than 2TB. With that being said, the Nyko Data Bank is a fantastic peripheral for the PS4 for the price point of just $39.99 and I would highly recommend it to others looking for a storage increase on their PS4.


Nyko provided PlayStation Insider a review copy of the Nyko Data Bank.

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