New Vampyr Trailer Shows Off Violent Gameplay

Developer DONTNOD flaunted its newest endeavor, Vampyr, at Gamescom in Germany a little over a week ago as press were presented with a pre-alpha version featuring the Action-RPG’s unique story and gameplay elements. In a tweet from the official PlayStation account, a new 15 minute gameplay trailer showcasing the version shown at the event has been revealed.

As you scour the streets of London, you must decide who you must feed off of in order to survive. Your choices will not only affect the districts around you, but yourself as well. Searching for quality blood may bring you to the holiest of churches or the shadiest of slums, each questioning your moral obligation.

DONTNOD Entertainment’s last release Life Is Strange garnered a few Game of the Year nominations last year. Vampyr will release on PlayStation 4 in 2017. Check out the official website for more videos and screen shots.

Source: Twitter

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