New PS4 Slim Rumored to Release in September

Things can sometimes escalate very quickly in the gaming industry. Back at E3, Microsoft revealed two new versions of its Xbox One, the S and Project Scorpio. The S was released in August, and offers a few new things such as a 4K Blu-ray player and a slimmer design. Within the past week, auctions have been showing up on the Gumtree website for what looks like to be a newer, slimmer model of the PlayStation 4. Sony has announced an official PlayStation Meeting for September 7th that will be set in New York City. Many have predicted that this meeting is for the official unveiling of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo. However, with these recent auctions, Sony could have something else up its sleeve.

The auctions have shown a slimmer and rounder design for this PlayStation 4. There is no information provided on any upgrades or updates from the previous system. However, according to This Gen Gaming, they received exclusive information from the auction creator, themselves. No retail pricing was included in the communication between the two parties, however a release date was. If this is true, Sony is not waiting around and is looking to prepare for the Holiday season. The meeting is on the 7th, and the “Slim” model, according to the source, will release a week later on September 14th. While the photos show a new box, the controller does not look to have any type of upgrade. This could simply be a second model of the PS4. Does this mean that the first generation models will get a drop in price? Could we see a Holiday bundle with the first generation systems? Stay tuned for more information involving the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation Meeting.

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