Metrico+ Brings Style To PS4 This Month

Digital Dreams’ Metrico+ will be available for PS4 on August 23 for $13.99. Fans who own the original Metrico for the PS Vita will receive a discount for $6.99.


The reimagining of the puzzle platformer will offer players a ton of new features. Roy van de Mortel, level designer from Digital Dreams, describes all of the game’s new features:

“We made the world of Metrico look way prettier for the big screen, there are new Trophies, we added a speedrun mode, there are new and special character animations, there is an entirely new story in the game, the music has been revised by Palmbomen, and most importantly: Metrico+ contains over 40 new puzzles utilizing new gameplay mechanics. That’s why we added a “+” to the title.”

Metrico+ will be available digitally on the PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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