Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut Heading To PS4 This September

The comedic first-person adventure game Jazzpunk is heading to PS4 next month. The director’s cut will feature new content within the single-player and multiplayer components of the game. While some of the new content is previously cut material, the rest is brand-new.

Making its debut, a “top secret Wedding-themed deathmatch mode” has been integrated into the game so you and your friends can enjoy its hilarity. The new mode will feature a “gaggle of bizarre gadgets”, four-player split screen support, unlockable characters, and multiple deathmatch maps (a.k.a. Honey Moon Destinations).

Jazzpunk originally released for PC in 2014. It garnered some critical praise achieving a 75 metascore on Metacritic. Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut will be available to purchase on September 20 for PS4 via the PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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