Indigo Prophecy For PS4 Revealed, Releases Very Soon

Quantic Dream’s classic PS2 adventure game, Indigo Prophecy (a.k.a. Fahrenheit), will be available with trophies for PS4 on August 9 via PlayStation Store.

Indigo Prophecy was originally released back in 2005 becoming the best-reviewed adventure game since Double Fine’s Grim Fandango. Though many were skeptical of the game’s direction, Indigo Prophecy received many awards, including Game of the Year. Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO of Quantic Dream, explains why many were so skeptical of the game’s direction:

“The reason for this skepticism was that we were creating something radically new, as we were attempting to resolve an equation that many thought was unsolvable: putting the story at the very core of an interactive experience and inventing gameplay that allowed players, through their actions and decisions, to change the way the story unfolds.”

Quantic Dream is currently working on it’s sci-fi driven storytelling experience Detroit: Become Human. The developer is also known for creating Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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